Turbo Blue Advantage

Turbo Blue Advantage is uniquely formulated to provide protection against detonation in today's high performance racing engines running up to 10,000 rpms and compression ratios up to 15:1. This leaded racing gasoline is ideal for most forms of motorsports including both dirt and asphalt late models, circle track, drags and snowmobiles. Contains tetraethyl lead (TEL) and is for off-road use only.
Specific Gravity 0.719
Antiknock Index (R+M)/2 112
RON, Research Octane Number 116
MON, Motor Octane Number 108
Reid Vapor Pressure 6.7
Initial Boiling Point 89°
10% Evaporation 145
50% Evaporation 217
90% Evaporation 233
Final Boiling Point 254°
Color Light Blue
Lead Yes.  For off-road and racing use only.
Pounds / Gallon 6.0
Oxygen, wt% 0.0
Dielectric Constant -0.1