Turbo Blue Extreme

Turbo Blue Extreme is refined for race engines that demand high octane gasoline. Turbo Blue Extreme can be used in Pro Stock drag, sprint car, motorcycle, NTPA track pulling and offshore powerboat race applications utilizing compression ratios in excess of 15:1. Turbo Blue Extreme contains tetraethyl lead (TEL) and is for off-road use only.
Specific Gravity 0.709
Antiknock Index(R&M)/2 116
RON, Research Octane 118
MON, Motor Octane 114
Reid Vapor Pressure 5.8
Initial Boiling Point 98°
10% Evaporation 155
50% Evaporation 215
90% Evaporation 231
Final Boiling Point 255°
Color Orange
Lead Yes.  For off-road and racing use only.
Pounds / Gallon 5.9
Oxygen, wt% 0.0
Dielectric Constant -0.9