Turbo Blue Unleaded

Turbo Blue Unleaded is an oxygenated, high performance racing gasoline formulated for carbureted, fuel-injected or turbocharged performance engines.  It is ideal for compression ratios up to about 12:1 in conventional domestic V8s but will tolerate more compression in smaller and more efficient combustion chambers.  In addition, Turbo Blue Unleaded complies with regulations governing most major race sanctioning organizations and is street-legal in 49 states.
Specific Gravity 0.734
Antiknock Index (R+M)/2 100
RON, Research Octane Number 105
MON, Motor Octane Number 95
Reid Vapor Pressure 6.4
Initial Boiling Point 115°
10% Evaporation 145
50% Evaporation 211
90% Evaporation 216
Final Boiling Point 227°
Color Clear
Lead No.  Street-legal in all states but CA.
Pounds / Gallon 6.1
Oxygen, wt% 3.7
Dielectric Constant 12.1